Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Stuff

 These are some of the first pendants I ever made. I started out making beads but decided to make something different so these are what I'm into making right now. I didn't make that marble though, I picked that up in Northampton at the Don Muller Gallery,  a beautiful place with stunning art, so if you're ever in the area I recommend checking it out. The marble is a Josh Simpson creation.
 No I didn't pick out that wallpaper it was there when I moved in!
 The green flower on the right was a gift to my Mom, green is her favorite color.
 The white and orange flower on the right is the first pendant I sold on etsy, it was shipped to an old friend and high school classmate.

 This blue one above turned out weird!
 This was a Christmas gift.
 I really should make some more cupcakes.
 Sometimes my work ends up in the fish tank!

 I hope my fish liked them.
 Sometimes my work is not even good enough for the fish tank! I can't remember what inspired me to put these colors together but I was not happy with the result.
 Mustard and Red, I think I'll call this one 'Roses In Mustard'...U-GA-LY!!! To me anyway.
 Awhile back we had a couple of friends over and they wanted to steal my secret techniques, so I let them watch me make this one...I didn't reveal to much
 I experiment quite a bit and sometimes funny things this fish...

 and these jellyfish like creatures.


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