Monday, January 13, 2014

Flameworked Glass by Jamie-Lynn Gardner Availabe at Flare Gallery

 Me and my display at Flare Gallery.
At Flare Gallery, three distinctive Jewellery Artists share their love of craft with you! Watch them work as they create unique jewellery from Gold and Silver Designs(Earthforge), Sea Glass(Seaside Creations) and Flame-worked Glass(Soda & Lime Glassworks), and check out what they have for sale.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


This one is called 'Creature'-Hand twisted white glass over a nice dark plum glass, I love these two colors together!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home of Flare Gallery and Soda & Lime Glassworks, St. Andrews By-The-Sea is listed on's list (#4!) of the best places to travel in Canada!

4. ST. ANDREWS BY-THE-SEA, New Brunswick
The newly renovated Algonquin Resort opens in January 2014. (Photo courtesy of Algonquin Resort)

What’s Happening in 2014: The Algonquin Resort is scheduled to reopen early in the new year after extensive, multimillion-dollar renovations. The historic property is the newest addition to the Marriott Autograph Collection of luxury hotels, and the first in Canada. The Algonquin boasts sweeping views of the iconic Bay of Fundy, a variety of finely appointed guestrooms and suites, a grand ballroom, Braxton’s Bar and Restaurant, serving a full range of regional flavours and dozens of thoughtful, unique experiences like a daily sunset toast on the rooftop balcony and an “anyplace dining” menu offering food service in several of the public spaces around the resort’s pristine property. It adds to the many outstanding accommodations and tourist activities already in the seaside village.

Why You Should Go: St. Andrews By-the-Sea is where small-town charm meets world-class travel. Stroll the impressive Kingsbrae Gardens and then enjoy chef Alex Haun’s tasting menu at highly acclaimed Savour in the Garden [Read about it here]. Play 18 holes at the prestigious Algonquin Golf Course and then spend the afternoon whale watching aboard a zodiac in the Bay of Fundy. Browse art galleries along Water Street and then catch live east coast music at one of the local pubs downtown. It’s all here, and it’s all within reach. Writer Katie Marti says: “Growing up in New Brunswick, St. Andrews By-the-Sea was our special occasion destination. It’s where families would gather to celebrate anniversaries and weddings, and where friends and lovers would go to escape. Despite renovations and new developments in and around the town, little has changed. A visit continues to be more than just a few nights in a luxury hotel or a fantastic meal at a quaint little restaurant: It’s about celebrating the town itself and the entire Fundy region. There are treasured memories to be made here above and beyond what one might expect from a small town in a tiny corner of Canada.” - 20 Best Place to Travel in Canada: 2014

Soda & Lime Glassworks
Flare Gallery

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dreaming of Warmer Weather

I am really enjoying these photos and dreaming of warmer weather. That is me in the black hat, with my brothers and sister (above) and mother and sister (below). The gallery has been dead slow, I think the town is still recovering from Christmas and all the power outages we had. Well, now that the holidays are over I have lots of time to work, I'm just waiting for my new oxygen concentrator to arrive. Happy New Year Everyone!