Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elven and The Enchanted Forest

 Elven, flameworked glass implosion flower pendant
 There is a place full of elves and fairies, where all the mythical creatures from old fairy tales come alive.
 Shaped from loving hands, (as are all the creatures that live here) these gnomes are enjoying a fine summer day.
 This tree wasn't so lucky but some of the trees that live in this old growth forest are over 800 years old.

 Buster stopping for some tea.
 Buster waiting patiently to go inside the Giant Cedar Stump House
 British Columbia's tallest tree house, it was a nice view from the top.
 We paddled in a real beaver pond, and were lucky enough to see a beaver!
If you would like more info about this place just visit this link The Enchanted Forest

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