Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eric's Sea Anemone Marble

This marble is called 'Eric's Sea Anemone Marble', made for Eric's birthday. Eric enjoys scuba diving and exploring the sea...and very possibly long walks on the beach!

Eric's response to his gift:
Oh man!  Thanks for the gift.  I was pretty excited to get "any" gift really, but when I saw that it was an original art piece that was NAMED AFTER ME, I almost lost my mind!  Thanks a bunch!
When you get famous, I'm gonna get famous too!  It would be like Picasso painted a painting called "Eric's Starry Night" and I'd be at the art gallery opening in a suit and I'd be like, "Hey buddy, you like that painting?  yeah?  we'll guess what brother....I'm Eric.  I'm THAT Eric.  No biggy though.  Just sayin'.  Hey, enjoy the rest of the exhibit.  Maybe I'll see you around."

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